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Our 11th Annual Literacy Gala

Friday, October 25, 2019

6:30 pm

George Washington Hotel

103 E Piccadilly St., Winchester, VA 

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Tickets are $125 and 2 for $225

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We invite you to attend the 11th Annual Literacy Gala to benefit the students and volunteers of Literacy Volunteers Winchester Area.

In recognition of the growing diversity and distinctiveness of the LVWA community, this year’s theme is “Dia de los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead”.

As always, it will be a fun-filled evening of food, music and auctions, with a Latin-American twist. Guests are invited to come in costume or in formal, business, or festive attire.



A celebration of life and death, the Day of the Dead brings together families and friends in honoring those that have left them. This tradition is celebrated in Mexico, and throughout much of Central and South America. While there are some commonalities, each community, each family, has a unique way to celebrate it.

On the Day of the Dead, it is believed that the border between the spirit world and the real world dissolves. During this brief period, the souls of the dead wake up and return to the living world to feast, drink, dance and play music with their loved ones. The living family members treat the deceased as honored guests in their celebrations and leave the deceased’s favorite foods and other offerings at gravesites or on the ofrendas built in their homes.