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Family Literacy


A parent is a child's first teacher. 


The Family Literacy Program includes the following:


Free Books - Providing access to free books at various organizations in the community.  In addition, free books are available in over 15 Little Free Library boxes located throughout the community.  Many of these boxes have been placed by community members.  LVWA partnered with Shenandoah Valley Westminster Canterbury (SVWC) to build a Little Free Library box for the Our Health Campus.  More boxes will be built in partnership with SVWC and John Handley High School.  Check out the Little Free Library map to see if there is one located in your neighborhood.


Library Cards - Partnering with the Handley Regional Library to support adults and families in getting their library card.  The library has a large selection of books in English and other languages, DVD's, audio books, and plenty of resources available online.  If you have a library card, you have access to all these amazing resources for free.


Reading to Children - Several of our volunteers have spent years working with children and enjoy the opportunity to continue to be involved by reading in preschools. 


Summer Learning Program - Partnering with several organizations in the community to promote adults and children reading together. 

For more information about one-on-one or small group tutoring call (540) 536-1648. 

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